About me

Hi there 🙂

I’m a geography teacher teaching in Birmingham. I qualified as a PE Teacher from St Luke’s College, Exeter University and studied Geography as a second subject. I taught both subjects in a school in Cambridge, before heading out to Uganda, East Africa. I spent 4 years there setting up a school, starting with Yr8 (Yr7 is their last year of Primary) and adding a year group each year. I was the school’s first headteacher at the age of 26 and I trained my deputy up to take over from me.

Then back to the UK and I became head of Geography at a private school in Worcester. I then worked at a college for the blind before splitting my time as a supply teacher and as a Reserve Soldier in the British Army, on an Additional Duties Contract. It meant I could spend extended periods of time completing Army training and going on exercise. Due to a medical condition I was unable to deploy and so left the Army and started teaching again full time in Birmingham.

I grew up in Herefordshire and have an amazing daughter who is in Yr10 and am married to a lovely and beautiful lady from Bulgaria 🙂 I am an evangelical Christian and a convert to what I can only describe as the ‘new traditionalist’ education movement.

I hope this helps you to get to know me a little.

Remember, the most powerful force in the world is Love 🙂

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